When Your Order Doesn’t Meet Expectations

I got this question from a seller: 

“What advice do you have for when the order you fulfil does not meet buyer expectations?”

This is a GREAT question.

Let’s talk about this.

First off, I’m not sure of the specifics but let’s just break it down based on what I’ve heard from other sellers.


I’ve heard of customers not being satisfied that the scent is strong enough. In fact, this is probably the biggest thing that I’ve heard with regards to guys not happy.

I think specifically where guys have said they want a strong scent at the time of purchase we have to be as honest as possible about how many days it will take to create that.

I write in my descriptions that I have a light scent. If a guy mentions that at the get-go (and I’m going to say only about 10-15% do and these are the guys you REALLY have to be honest with or expect this kind of problem) then I tell him he’ll need at least three days wear from me. But still, I have a super light scent. I can’t fucking change that!

So honesty at the start is a must of course.

If a customer were to contact me and say that the panties weren’t scented enough, then I’d say that I was sorry they weren’t up to his expectations and that I was disappointed that he wasn’t 100% satisfied with the order as it’s always my intention to deliver over and above expectations.

Let’s look at Amazon for a moment, shall we?

Do we see 5 star reviews for every product?

No. No, we fucking don’t.

Some people don’t get their expectations met. That’s called LIFE.

It’s disappointing.

But great companies will usually respond to reviews (either on Amazon or their own website) and say that they’re genuinely sorry the product hasn’t met their expectations.

That’s fair and honest (hopefully).

If he asked for a refund, then that’s a different story.

Normally I won’t refund panty sales. A guy that straight off the bat asks for a refund is a red flag for me. 

In my time as a seller (18 months) I’ve had one guy tell me they weren’t as strong as he’d hoped. He didn’t ask for a refund and I didn’t offer one.

If it was a customer I really liked and we had a connection, I might offer an extra day wear on his next order free of charge.

You decide what works for you with regards to your own policies. But a full refund isn’t fair in my opinion. You could offer a complimentary photo set as a good gesture gift. Building a good customer base is about customer service. Every single time.

But if a guy is being a complete dick, that’s a different story.


Some guys are very persnickety about how panties are wrapped. They like them to fully preserve the scent.

We avoid complaints by making sure that we are wrapping them very well.

I’ve got a separate blog post on how to wrap.

Again, it comes down to whether you feel you met the absolute minimum requirements of the item being wrapped. If so, then you can say thank you for the feedback.

Delivery Time

If a customer has not received their package after the expected time period, then that’s very unfortunate but not ultimately your fault.

If the item doesn’t arrive at all then, again, this isn’t technically your fault.

Whether you decide to offer an additional pair or a 50% refund (share responsibility with the buyer) that is up to you.

Again, you’ll need to decide whether you believe the person claiming it didn’t arrive (this is where tracked post comes in handy) or their attitude towards the missing package.

It has NEVER happened to me that a package has gone missing completely – and I don’t send tracked unless they ask.

One time a package took 4 weeks longer than it should have to turn up. 

So it is rare but it can happen.

I’ve also heard of packages being emptied before arriving. Again, wrapping it up so that it’s not clear what’s inside to any random customs guy will help.


If the guy is not happy with the panties themselves, whether it’s the size or how they look or feel, you have to revisit how you described them.

If you claimed they were silky and they aren’t (silk could be nylon), then that’s on you.

If you said they were a medium but they’re a small, then that’s on you.

Again, you can tell the guy that’s likely to have a complaint by how adamant they are about certain aspects at the time of making the sale.

If it looks as if they are really only interested in an item if he meets strict criteria, then make sure you are as upfront and honest about it all before taking the money.

I can’t think of any other reasons a guy might complain.

Ultimately you have to ‘check in’ with how you feel about the legitimacy of his complaint and either offer a partial refund, a discount on another order or a gift like a video of their choice.

Again, if he’s being an asshole, chalk it down to experience and don’t start a fight. A bad review is not worth it and sometimes it’s easier just to refund and get rid.

You decide what feels right for you and your business.

Customer service is important but not if you feel you’re being had or manipulated.