What Are Used Panty Sellers Doing Wrong? Pricing, Marketing & More…

How long have you been buying panties?

I have been curious about this for years and came across Pantydeal recently.  I like that the transactions and conversations are conducted privately and my identity is concealed.  I was able to make my first transaction shortly after I created my account.  The seller had good reviews and I felt comfortable making the transaction.  She has many styles of panties that she offered, and I reached my comfort level to make the transaction.

Where do you buy from?

So far I have purchased from Pantydeal. 

Do you just buy panties or other items too?

In addition to panties, I have purchased custom videos and have purchased cam sessions.

What do you look for in a seller?

Great question!  I personally like to get to know a seller first to make a connection rather than it just being “strictly business”.  I have my preferences in a body type and PD offers ladies in all shapes, sizes and colors.  What a wonderful thing it is to get to be able to look for someone you are attracted to not only physically, but also intellectually.

What mistakes do you see sellers making?

Since I have been on the site, I have seen prices dropping on goods and services being offered by sellers.  Just a little background on me.  I have worked professionally in Marketing for 20 years and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.  My advice to sellers is to consider the cost of their panties, their monthly PD subscription cost, any shipping costs they may include, their time to prepare shipments and mail them, plus the time they have invested in any conversation, and really think about what their profit is when all is said and done.  If you are selling your panties for a $5 to $10 profit after all is said and done, is it really worth your time and trouble to sell panties that inexpensively?  My advice to sellers is to know your worth and charge accordingly.  If a buyer is trying to “low-ball” you or negotiate your asking price down to an unacceptable profit margin, let them deal with someone else.  Think of this site as your business.  If a business doesn’t make profit dollars, it will go out of business.  A sellers long-term strategy should be to sell at an acceptable profit margin to make this a long lasting business.

Other mistakes I see are sending out photos free to buyers, posting ads and video story videos that have nudity.  This isn’t p-hub.  You should be advertising to tease a buyer, not give away the whole show for free.  Entice people to contact you rather than advertise and show your heavenly assets for free. 

What’s the best way for a seller to approach a buyer? Or should she wait to be contacted in your opinion?

I think it is acceptable either way for a seller or buyer to start a conversation.  A turn-off to me personally is a seller trying to make a sale in the first message to me, not reading my profile, and as we say in the USA, acting like a “used-car salesperson”.  Customer service is important and getting to know what a buyer is looking for is important to me.

Can a seller stand out in a sea of competition?

Absolutely!  Again, this all comes down to the time and effort a seller is looking to put into their business. 

What advertising/marketing advice do you have for sellers?

My advice is to be classy in your advertising.  Don’t post your bare assets in your ads or videos, there are plenty of websites to get free nude content.  Sellers are here to make sales of panties and their content, don’t give it away for free. 

What happens when prices are driven lower? Short and long term considerations?

Well, I have seen a number of sellers posting in Overview that they are leaving PD.  I am certain that the reason they are leaving is because their sales are low or unprofitable.  This is unfortunate to see sellers leaving.  I am not sure their marketing tactics or what they have or had posted, but there are likely a number of reasons why they leave.  I have even seen where a seller is posting to make a sale to cover their $19 monthly subscription cost.  Obviously if you can’t even cover that cost, you are doing something wrong.  Change your marketing strategy and see if something else works. 

Sellers advertising their panties for $5 or £5 undermines all the other sellers trying to make this a long-lasting business.  This can’t be profitable or good for them or any of the other sellers in this for the long-run. 

If you are in this for the long-term, if you are trying to make this your full-time job, it is time consuming and you will need to put in a lot of effort, but it can be done.  Consider your strengths and weaknesses and play into your strengths whatever they might be.

What comments do you have about pricing?

That’s a loaded question and I’m sure I will catch some flak from the buyers, but that’s ok.  Sellers, honestly your pricing for panties right now is too low.  True buyers will pay for this fetish.  Again, if you are only making $£€ 5-10 for a pair of panties after the cost of panties, consider your time wearing them, shipping costs, mailing preparation, transaction fees, cost of bags, envelopes, time to drop them off at your post office, this isn’t going to be a long-term business for you.  Buyers have their preferences in body shapes, sizes, your age, etc.  You will wear them for 24 hours or more and make that little profit?  This won’t work out long term.

What advice do you have for buyers?

Please treat these fine sellers with respect and dignity.  I hear too many stories of time-wasters, endless chatting, asking for free photos, asking for content in exchange for a review, working out all the details of a transaction including agreement on pricing and payment options, and then the buyer vanishes into thin air.  If you buyers are doing this, you are taking away their time and effort from them posting or working with a serious buyer that will make a purchase that may also be messaging them at the same time.  That also adds to their frustration and takes sales away from them.  And you wonder why sellers leave PantyDeal?  If you are just lonely and want free content, please move along to p-hub.  And don’t think that the PD sellers don’t have private chat groups for sellers only.  You will be blacklisted with a number of them if you pull off this stupid stuff. 

Is the market saturated?

I am an analyst with a degree in Economics and Marketing professional by trade.  I have looked at the number of new sellers joining PantyDeal versus the number of new buyers joining the site.  I see many more new sellers paying to join the site than I do new buyers who don’t have to pay to join the site.  Yes, I firmly believe PantyDeal is saturated right now.  Without some advertising on behalf of PantyDeal and attracting new quality buyers, there will be a lot of sellers leaving this website for simple economic reasons. 

What’s the future of panty selling?

The internet keeps evolving and there are many other platforms for sellers and buyers to connect for panty selling.  In addition, government laws keep changing as well.  I don’t know the entire history of PantyDeal, but as you can see from what sellers are offering nowadays, PantyDeal has evolved.  Panty selling has increased in popularity with TV shows etc.  I don’t see this ever going away.

How can platforms improve?

I believe one improvement to PantyDeal would be to have buyers either pay or get screened to get qualified better.  I have heard stories of sellers dealing with people who are found out to be underage and reporting and blocking them immediately.  Verification through a credit card would be a good way to keep out people who are not serious buyers or underage people.  This would also limit other illegal stories I have heard from sellers as well.