Used Panties Prices

A general discussion has just taken place about starting prices and I just responded to a seller with this:

“Do what feels right for you. if there is not alignment between how you feel about your product and what you charge for it, you’ll trip yourself up selling”

What does that mean?

It means that when you tell yourself that something you are attempting to sell is “too expensive” or when you don’t fully understand or embrace the VALUE of what you are selling then you’re going to struggle to sell it.

Think of it this way, when you’re selling something to someone like a restaurant you went to that you loved, you don’t struggle. It comes off effortlessly because you’re not invested in whether the person buys the idea of going to the restaurant themselves.

You just let rip on all the reasons you think they should go.

If you were getting a kick-back from said restaurant and you didn’t really like it or you thought the person couldn’t afford it… Well, now it doesn’t feel as easy to sell them on it, right?

These little thoughts we tell ourselves about whether what we are selling is ‘good enough’ or whether the person will like it compared to other used panties or other sellers, THESE are exactly what stops you from being able to step into your selling power.

You need to be completely AT EASE with your pricing in order to sell the product to your customers.

That is sometimes why sellers end up pricing $10 panties. Because it’s so cheap they feel the panties should basically sell themselves. Unfortunately, we know that strategy can end up back-firing as a $10 panty in a sea of $20-$30 panties looks cheap for a reason and your customer may end up questioning the product.

I digress.

It’s important for you to be comfortable with your pricing if only because it’s one less nagging doubt in your head that prevents you from selling what you’ve got.

If you feel more comfortable asking for $20 than $30 then do that. As your confidence builds, you’ll likely choose to fit in with the other models.

If you are struggling to feel comfortable with the value of your product and that’s making it difficult to make the sale, by all means add on extra value items to help you get into the zone where this feels like a massive ‘fuck yes’ for any buyer not to snap your arm off and buy!

The point of this post is to say that whatever it takes to make YOU feel comfortable asking for the sale is what you need to get right before you start to reach out to make sales.

Because if you’re not sold on your product, your panty buyer won’t be either.

This is another reason why community for panty sellers is SO IMPORTANT. You sometimes need help to talk yourself off the ledge and other sellers charging more can certainly help you do that.

I used to let it bother me, when sellers joined used panty selling platforms and undercut prices.

The ones who sold panties at $10 or even $5. (For those asking, $25-35 is the going rate).

The ones who sold 50 videos for $10 or whatever.

It used to annoy me.

Not because I thought they were taking something from me – like sales. It’s not unusual if you feel that way. Often we think that the guys who WOULD have bought from us end up going to these women instead and therefore we’ve somehow lost out… And maybe there’s a grain of reality in there somewhere but in my mind, those guys are NOT my ideal clients anyway. Let them buy cheap stuff. It’s still not my stuff.

And this is important – I’ve gone off on a tangent now. Because it’s not the fucking panties they’re buying. I’ve said this time and time and time again.

It’s YOUR PANTIES they are buying.

So them getting panties at $5 or $10 or whatever means LITERALLY NOTHING to me. Because it’s not my product. It’s not the same thing they’re selling.

If it were just about the panties then fair enough. But it’s not. We know this.

We know this.

If they want my panties, they pay that price.

And even digital content.

If they want to see me, they pay THIS price.

End of.

So it doesn’t fucking matter to me what anyone else sells at. 

I don’t need to lower my prices because this is how much it costs to smell me. Or watch ME.


But why did it bother me so much?

It bothered me so much because I could see how vastly they were undervaluing themselves and their offerings.

Because they were falling for the biggest LIE ever told.

Lower your prices, more guys will buy.

Here’s the truth:

Lower your prices, the cheap guys will buy. Maybe.

The other guys will wonder why you’re so cheap and feel that there’s a catch or that you’re insane! 🙂

But it breaks my heart to see women undervalue their work and their offerings. Especially when there’s already a massive inequality of pay in work.

I don’t let it bother me anymore.

Now I just be the example.

I continue to raise my prices.

I advertise that I’m RAISING my prices.

And I hope other women take heed and do the same.

Because you aren’t too expensive.

Believe me.

You aren’t TOO EXPENSIVE. You won’t put men off with your prices if you truly believe in your worth. I’ve seen women selling panties at $250. Seriously. I don’t know if they’re making sales but I fucking congratulate them for their assertion of their value.

If in doubt, up your fucking prices.

Because the women who sell cheap, never last.