Top Tools For Panty Sellers

Ever wondered what tools of the trade are required to sell your used underwear online?

Today we’re sharing our top picks!

Tripod/Selfie Stick

The key to standing out and catching the eye of potential buyers is to take great pictures!  It’s not always easy to take professional-looking pictures or videos if you are just doing this on your own, so a tripod or selfie stick makes for a great investment. Get pictures you never thought were possible then watch the buyers swoon over your photography prowess. Both of these items are relatively inexpensive and a tripod can be paired with a Bluetooth remote shutter for even more options!

Video/Photo Editing Software

You’ve got the amazing angles for your pictures and videos, now it’s time for a little extra flare! Photo and video editing software is another must-have to output the best product possible. Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from on your computer or cell phone. Here are a couple examples of software you can use:

  • Snapseed – This is a free photo editing software that we use for our pictures. The lighting effect options help get your already fantastic pictures to the next level!
  • Inshot – A video editing software for your mobile device that has all your basic editing needs. It’s free, but that free version puts a watermark on your edited videos. The good news is that it only cost a couple bucks to get the watermarks removed from all your vids!
  • Vegas Pro – If you are wanting to have the best possible videos with all the bells and whistles, this is the type of software that can do the job! Filters, transitions, audio editing? It’s all here, but it will cost you a pretty penny. For most sellers, a program like this expansive is not necessary.

This is by no means the only editing software available out there. Do some research and find what works best for you!

Google Drive/ Dropbox

It’s important to stay organized in this business, you’ve got to have somewhere to store your media online. With Google Drive and Dropbox, you can create a folder that holds all the different kinds of panties you have available for wear. That makes it easy for you AND your buyers! You can also make folders for all your different types of pictures and videos, folders for specific buyers so they can always access the things they bought from you or folders in collaboration with other sellers.

Google Drive gives you 15GB of free storage that can be expanded to 100GB for just $3 a month.

***Please make sure you make a separate google account for your panty selling identity, buyers can see some of your info if you use your personal account!***

Shipping Material/Vacuum Sealer

Your package has made it to your buyer and now it’s time for them to open it up and experience your essence and personality. Before they even get to the main event, they will have to get through your packaging. Sellers often choose to put their panties in a plastic baggie which is easy to open and reuse, but it’s not the best for maximizing the freshness of your panties.

A vacuum sealer is an ideal option if you want your buyers to receive your panties as if you’d just taken them off. Along with the vacuumed sealed panties, a personally written message really helps the buyer feel like they’ve built a connection with you as a seller. They’ll have a huge smile on their face before they get to the rest of your package.


You had to see this one coming. If you want to be a successful panty seller, you are going to need lots of panties! Thongs, fullbacks, cotton, silk, etc. All buyers have their preferences and if you have them in stock, they will be that much closer to initiating a transaction from you. But why stop there? Build up your inventory even more by adding socks, bras, stockings or anything else that crosses your mind. There is guaranteed to be a buyer looking to buy whatever you are selling!


If you are a seller who also offers videos as an additional sales item then you can’t go wrong with some extra toys to spice up the content.

As a special bonus, you can also add toys to your inventory to sell.