Should You Show Face in Adult Content To Make More Sales?

Do you show face in your adult content? On your panty selling platforms? Is it necessary to make sales? All this and more in today’s post.

So, I’m actually surprised this hasn’t come up sooner. I mean, I mention it in my free training and I’ve possibly touched on it in the podcast but there is so much here that it needs its very own post.

First off, I received this message this morning from a recent Onlyfans subscriber:

“Unfortunately I’m bailing because I cant see your face. I feel kinda gypped.”

Short and to the point. (Sidenote: I offered him a refund because customer service is my bag, baby.)

Of course, I felt a little crushed. I care that my paying clients are happy and this guy clearly wasn’t. And to be fair, it wasn’t written anywhere that I don’t show face but then, many sellers don’t.

And then I was wondering, well fuck, does everyone show face on Onlyfans??? Have I been doing it wrong?

All the panic ensued.

At first I was confused. Then I reminded myself of my boundaries. Then I got to thinking…

This guy actually did me a massive favour not only because he’s responsible for me talking about this here (and on the forthcoming podcast) but because it’s time for me to take stock of whether or not I should show face, why I should or shouldn’t and how I can work this into my business to potentially increase income.

Yes, you will make more money the more you are prepared to do. But how important is showing face to your bottom line?

I’ve had this discussion in my sellers group here and there over the last year and it’s clear that the sellers who show face will swear that their income went up whenever they made that decision.

And yes, I’ve been asked more times than I’ve had hot dinners if I show face and when I reply no, it’s a game-changer. I get that. Who wants to watch a decapitated person orgasm?


But of course, we all have our reasons for not showing face.

Perhaps you are younger with aspirations of a career that may be jeopardised by adult work. 

My career days are firmly behind me so I don’t need to worry about that.

Perhaps this is just a short-term way to make money and not something you plan on doing for very long.

Perhaps you already work for a company where this kind of content out there would be problematic.

Perhaps you can’t let your partner/family find out what you do because they’re in the dark about this side hustle.

Some of my reasons…

I have a family. I don’t want them seeing that. EVER.

I don’t want to be recognised because on some level I’m ashamed of what I do.

I don’t want my content to be uploaded to a porn site and it be CLEARLY FUCKING ME in the video/picture – again, this is on the basis that someone you know will find out.

Maybe because I don’t appreciate my face as much as my body and I worry it will be a disappointment.

It feels like a next step I’m not ready for.

It feels like once I do that then I’m basically a fucking porn star.



I guess it would make sense to REALLY analyse each of these and discover two things.

Are each of them true?

What’s the worst that could happen if each one were true?

Tim Ferriss has a great exercise where you’re basically asking what’s the worst that could happen and then whatever the answer you ask well, if that were true, what’s the worst that could happen UNTIL you get to the very bottom line, which will probably end with nobody will love me and I’ll die alone in a shed kinda thing.

It’s about getting to the root of your fear and then imagining that were the case, then what.

So what if I’m a pornstar? (Not even a porn STAR. A porn seller.)

What would that MEAN?

That’s what you need to handle.

And then taking all that psychology stuff out the way. If your income would go up by 10-50% (or even 100%) would that entice you to show your face?

Because for me I think it would take A LOT of money for me to start showing face.

And so that’s what I’ve played with. What if I were to offer some face-shown content at a premium?

I did make a video once. I called it the $100 video because it cost $100 (duh) and it showed me face and all. I ended up bailing and making it unavailable because I was going through a ‘fuck, I can’t let me family have this wild and free online’. But in my head, I decided that my die-hard fans could have access to it.

So now I’m toying with that idea again.

What if I were to offer face shown content on my Onlyfans but at a much higher price than what they’re getting as standard on my Onlyfans subscription?

Of course, I need to now add something into my messaging that alerts potential subscribers that the majority of my content does not show face. Either that or I start up another Onlyfans. One with face shown at a higher price, one with no face shown at a lower price. But that feels like a pain in the dick so I’ll opt for the former.

So, do you need to show face to make more money?

I’m gonna say yes.

You’ll open yourself up to more customers if you do.

Does that mean you have to?


A lot of guys are happy with you maintaining your privacy.

The truth is that yes, you’ll make more money but you also increase your risk of some of the above happening, no matter what precautions you take. Screen record is a thing. 

You know that I discovered one of my friends was also on a platform I was selling on.


Shit happens. You might get outed.

If you’re cool with that, if you’ve made your peace with all of the above, then maybe it’s time to give it some consideration.

As I’ve mentioned before, boundaries change. It could be that you decide to try it then change your mind.

All of that is fine.

This is your body, your rules. Always remember that.

You are not beholden to ANYONE!

I hope that helps…