Should You Offer Free Trials On Onlyfans?

I got this question from a seller:

“I did a promotion for free access to my content for one week and managed to get 9 subscribers but I’m lowkey starting to regret it. Every single one of them has their rebill set to off and I’m worried they’re just going to stay for the next 7 days and then leave once their free access ends.

I’ve only had likes from 2 of the 9  what would you guys do? I kinda wanna kick them out bc I have my queue ready to post stuff over the next 3 days and the thought of some freeloaders jerking off to that content drives me insane. At the same time though it literally hasn’t even been 24 hours since my account was approved so I don’t wanna start booting people off prematurely…”

Here’s my reply:

Ok so the first thing I’d say is regretting an action you’ve taken where you feel like you’ve given something for nothing is completely normal but try not to beat yourself up about it. This is ALL learning. Every single business does things that generate a loss or seem futile or frustrating and they learn from it. Every. Single. One.

When things like that happen, you know what not to do next time.

So that’s a plus!

When Onlyfans providers offer something free they do so in the hope that someone will stick around. Even if 10 jumped aboard, you hope that 1 will stay. Then you can say well, that’s probably about right. For every 10 that want to see something for free, one may love what they see and stick around for more. To think that all ten would subscribe is probably not realistic. Not that you thought that, but sometimes just doing the maths on the numbers can help you get things in perspective.

Before you do anything like this you need to sit back and ask yourself what % you hope will stick around (possibly 100%) and what % are likely to resubscribe (probably a low figure).

Because the thing with freebies is they’re free and the thing about freebie hunters is they don’t want to pay. So yes, THOSE guys belong on a free page where they are upsold to. They don’t belong on a paid page.

I do talk about the difference between the market who want free pages and the ones who want paid.

Free page guys want the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY to buy what they want, when they want it. They want to pick and choose what items the buy or not. And yes, they want to see stuff without paying. That’s why we don’t show very much on a free page (some do, that’s up to them).

Paid page guys want to see everything you’ve got to offer and are happy to pay a price for it.

With the situation we’re talking about, I would resign myself RIGHT NOW that all 9 are going to leave.

This gives you two options.

You can ‘try’ and make them stay by throwing everything you’ve got at them. Individually reach out to every single one with a message and try to connect with them. You might not get a reply but if you get your foot in the door with a reply then is the time to charm them to stick around.

I would actually use this opportunity to practice my upselling to them. AND I would probably use the fact they’ve switched rebill to off so that you’ve nothing to lose and you can go balls to the wall practicing upsells to them to try and make a bit of money from those 9 before they bugger off.

I might DM and say “I noticed you’ve switched rebill to off. That’s fine and I’ll be sad to see you go. But before you do, I’ve got this juicy video I know you’d love. It’s videos like this you can expect to see once a week if you subscribe but there’s no pressure to stick around and thanks very much for following me.” I’d then attach the video (or pic) and price it (make sure you set the price!!!) and hit send.

I’d literally do that once or twice a day for the period they’re signed up.

If you think about it, they’ve not hit rebill because you haven’t convinced them yet. You haven’t shown them what’s on offer.

So your comment about not wanting to post content for them to get off to is problematic because from their perspective, they might think “Well, I’m definitely not paying for this crap non-content” so why would they subscribe?

I know it’s a double-edged sword. You don’t want to give them the content only for them to disappear but in some ways I think you live by the sword, you die by the sword. You offered the free trial so give the free trial fully and unapologetically and if they go, they go. You know they were NEVER going to pay in the first place.

Rejection? Yep, you might feel that way. But like I said above, if they go, they were NEVER going to pay.

But if you’re not going to show them what’s in store, at least TELL them what they can expect to see. You could even look at the date and offer a LIVE show the day after they’re due to boot off. But you’d need to promote the shit out of it and tell them what they can expect to see.

Kicking them off is punishing them for your regret. It’s absolutely your right to do that and if it’s going to make you feel like shit giving them the chance to see content for nothing then do it. You could message the beforehand and say you’ve changed strategy with Onlyfans and so you’re having a clear out. Or invite them to the free page instead.

And yes, don’t give away full XXX content if you’re feeling bad about it. Tone it down and upsell instead. “Want to see the XXX rated version of this? DM me now” kinda thing.

If you want likes (and I get why people do) then instead give other sellers free trials to go in and like your stuff. I personally wish they’d do away with that nonsense but that’s just me.

Does that help?

I’m saying to make the best of a bad situation by practicing the upselling with these guys and trying to salvage something.

Delete them if you want or focus on softer content.

Convey why they should subscribe.

DM them daily.

Upsell your arse off.