Set Up Costs For Selling Used Knickers Online

I got this question from a seller:

“What was the start up cost for you (site fees, postage, mailers, camera and other materials)? I’m just trying to set up a budget for myself.”

This is such a great question.

Here’s my reply…

Little did I know that used panty selling is actually pretty hard work and takes time to get up and running.

Anyway, I signed up for Pantydeal initially and I received two messages straight away – these are scam messages the site sends you to encourage you to upgrade to premium as you need premium to see messages! So I looked at the price of membership and saw it was $19 per month.

That was literally my daily budget at that time and so I threw caution to the wind and paid the premium. It was good in a way because it made me more determined to make that money back.

I absolutely recommend you join a platform.

If you aren’t, you need to start getting good at Reddit or very clever on eBay.

Pantydeal is $19 a month and other platforms (see my resources page) are either around that or cheaper.

So that’s your first cost.

I decided I was obviously just going to sell the panties I had in my drawer.

Some sellers have hundreds of pairs and others not so much.

I don’t recommend you ‘invest’ in panties (I mean, unless you have literally 2-3 pairs) until you’ve sold a few. Going on the assumption that you have a drawer full you don’t mind selling, then there’s no cost in supplies until probably after the first month.

When it comes to buying, most sellers will buy from Victoria Secrets or even decent low-price undies from H&M, Target or Primark.

I wouldn’t recommend buying super expensive lingerie unless you plan to niche and have a solid customer base who don’t mind paying more.

I’ve scored panties at 50c a pair but most sellers expect to pay between $2-9 dollars per pair for their selling stock.

Same with socks and bras, we’re assuming you have a supply here to sell initially but if not, then you’d want to get some cute cheap pairs to get up and running. I don’t tend to sell many bras and I certainly wouldn’t go out to buy loads to sell. Bras are expensive!

So initially you should have no outlay for stock or if you need some, probably maximum $20-30 for cheap undies and socks.

Envelopes and stamps.

Well, I use the plastic envelopes as I find them better for packing worn items and far more secure. They’re about 40c each but if you buy on Amazon you’ll get a bulk supply for much less.

I happen to use saran wrap (cling film) and tissue paper for my wrapping and then pop it all in a ziploc bag.

I’ve never really sat and costed that up but probably a few dollars for all of those and they last me a long time obviously.

I used my phone for photos and videos so there was no cost there. You don’t need fancy equipment at all but you might need to buy an app for enhanced features for photo or video editing. I use Viva Video Pro at $3.49 per month and Pic Collage for photo editing and advert creation.

The biggest investment is going to be your time. You cost that as you see fit but yeah, in the beginning you’ll be working a lot to build your know, like and trust and your reputation. You’ll spend hours chatting and selling and posting. So that would be something I’d say you need to be aware of.

Those are the investments as I see it.