Selling Panties Through DMs

When it comes to selling panties online, you really need to be using one of the selling platforms. But even if you’re not, the majority of your sales are going to be done through your messages with customers.

Yes, there are customers who will want to buy based solely on what they see on your profile and what you post on the main feed (or socials) BUTTTTTT I’m going to say that even if they’re ‘sold’ from those alone (and you always want to make sure that your profile and interactions are stellar), you still make the sale in how you interact in DMs.

Now, let me be the first to say that not all DMs are created equally.

You will get dodgy DMs where the intention is to scam you.

You will get dodgy DMs where the intention is for the guy to attempt to get off (for free).

The good news is that the majority of the above DMs are not ones you initiate (although it does happen).

The bad news is that the majority of your sales through DMs are likely to be made through messages that you yourself have initiated.

That means that if you’re not comfortable messaging your prospective customers then you either quit or you decide to get really good at it and learn HOW TO SELL in DMs.

Not always that easy. Not everyone has the gift of the gab and even if you’re the most hilarious (hello) or personable woman that ever existed, you’re also dealing with horny men who are receiving at least another twenty thousand DMs from other prospective sellers.

Couple that with the amount of time it takes to sift through sites to find potential customers and you’ve just discovered why most sellers don’t make it past the first few weeks.

The guys that are clearly out there buying used panties tend to be the ones that sellers contact first. Because a lot of women are incredibly bad at sales (no offence), the majority of the messages these buyers receive are likely: – 

“Hey baby, take a look at my store and tell me what you like.”

That’s not the way to make a sale.

The DM is where the magic is meant to take place. It’s where the person becomes ‘sold’ on you based on what they’ve already seen. You’re closing the gap between who they think you are and who you are in real life (as in your seller personality not your actual identity). It’s what builds the connection between you and the customer and we already know from reading everything I’ve ever written on panty selling that know, like and trust is the way to get your customer to want to purchase from you.

The way to build that is in engaging with them outside the main feed and it is certainly NOT fucking asking them to buy from you straight out the gate.

The DM is a personal exchange that isn’t for anyone else. 

So here are my top tips for selling in DMs given that that’s where the bulk of your sales will come from…

Ideally we want your prospective customers to DM YOU, not the other way around. I know, how the hell do you do that? Well, it requires a bit of magic and a helluva lot of consistency with your brand and client attraction strategy. That’s a topic for another day and something I’ve certainly touched on. It is possible to have your customers come to you. The main thing is understanding who you are here to serve and in what way. For me, I was specifically targeting Gen X and Boomer customers as well as sapiosexuals and cuckolds. I knew I had the ability to serve their needs AND it was fun for me. Got it? Who are you here to serve and in what way?

Before you DM ANYONE you need to make sure your profile is good to go. I’m talking great pics, great bio, great products and offerings at mixed price points. You want your personality sprinkled across everything and a consistent brand that ties in with how you want to present yourself and who you’re presenting to (see above). So even if you have messages in your inbox, remember you need to finish your profile first. If you’re just selling on socials then same applies, great images and banter!

Don’t copy and paste. If you’ve got a great ice-breaker or joke or something then great but try and mix things up. The last thing you want your customer to feel is that they’re just another DM send. Check out their profile, do some digging on them (who have they bought from, what sorts of things are they interested in) and you can tailor your message around that. MAKE IT PERSONAL. Build rapport. If you want to go next level, record a voice memo for them. Don’t be mistaken, audio is 100x more impressive than a written message. HOW CAN YOU BE DIFFERENT AND STAND OUT??? <<<<<——– this should be the question you ask yourself every fucking day.

Be intentional and strategic in your DMs. If your customer has a clear kink/fetish and you know about it, talk about it. Please don’t pretend you know shit about things you don’t and never charge for something you claim you can do but you know you can’t! Be truthful and honest with your customers. They’ll appreciate that! But yeah, if you’re the queen of CBT then you focus on those guys. Draw them in! In my guide Nail Your Niche I talk about this more.

Don’t waste your time. Pay attention to the ‘last seen online’ or number of reviews based on length of time on a site and don’t waste time DMing anyone who’s clearly not a buyer. You want the best return on investment for your time. 

Calls to action. Conversation is great but eventually you do want to call them to action. The best thing to call them to is something that’s FREE that gets them in a sales funnel of sorts. So if you’re on a platform then that might be to follow you on twitter or snap or to subscribe to a free onlyfans or to exchange KIK. It’s about taking this DM to the next level. Not to say that you’re not going to continue the chat/sale in the DM, but something that ups the ante with your connection with that person so they can get to know you more. If things are going well your call to action *may* be an invitation to purchase something but read the room of the conversation and don’t jump in to a sale in a way that makes your customer feel like it’s all been about a sale.

As I mention in my trainings, I *NEVER* mentioned the sale in DM. I just always worked on the principle that *of course* he would buy 🙂 It just took the pressure off and because I wasn’t working towards something (other than them getting to know, like and trust me) then I was just showing up as me and not me trying to sell. That worked for me but granted it’s not everyone’s way to do business and who knows? Maybe I did miss out on sales for not being more pushy?

Relax. The final thing I want you to take away is that selling in DMs is one of those things that comes with practice engaging with customers. Not everyone is amazing at it and you need to kiss a lot of frogs to find your purchasing prince. Not everyone will want to buy from you and that’s just fine. Your job is not to convince every single DM purchaser to buy. Your job is to sell to the guys that make that connection with you and want to purchase from you.

I hope that helps.