Selling Panties And Getting Asked For Freebies

You’re not an official panty seller until you’ve been asked for freebies.

It’s a rite of passage.

It’s the first test – of many!

It’s how you know you’re doing it right.

Does that make you feel better?

I get messages from women all the time – I make myself known to new sellers on the platform I am currently a member of – who say that they’re thinking of giving up because all they get asked for is freebies. Or led down a path where the guy is trying to sext with them without paying.

And if there’s one thing giving away something for nothing in return will make you feel, it’s cheap and used! Okay, that’s two things but you get my point.

Guys of course do not give one single solitary fuck about how you’ll feel from this. They probably imagine that you’re getting paid so well from all these other guys that it won’t hurt you giving them something for nothing.

Fuck knows what they think – or even if they think at all!

And who could blame them?

If they can get it for free, why wouldn’t they? Well, you know, apart from all the moral and ethical and just being a plain nice human being reasons…

But I digress.

The point is that you WILL at some point be asked to provide a free pic or free video or free sexting session.

Guys will come up with all the weird and wonderful reasons why they need it.

  • They need to know you’re real.
  • They got scammed in the past.
  • They need to see a pic to decide if you’re the right fit.
  • They want to see the gusset to see how creamy you get – *SCIENCE ALERT* Women aren’t the same all month through!
  • They need to see your face.
  • Can you cut them a deal? (Sidenote: existing customers, YES. New customers, umm, no!)
  • If you do this for them, they’ll give you a review or something in return. Sometimes a dick pic. Umm, gee, thanks, just what I always wanted!!

Whatever it is.

Some of them will be super convincing. And you’ll reason that it won’t do any harm.

But 9.5 times out of 10 you’ll never hear from them again.

And you’ll feel like shit.

And you’re not alone.

I speak to women all the time that fall for the bullshit and decide they’re just not cut out for this line of work.

But here’s the good news:

Once it happens, if it happens, consider it a rite of passage. A first test. A first hurdle in the world of panty selling.

Once you get it out of the way it’s time to move on and become an epic panty selling maven.

And you’ll figure out how to avoid it.

And you’ll get super amazing at spotting all the bullshit from a mile away.

But meantime, here’s some ways to help avoid it…

If you’re on a platform or have a website, make sure there are good pictures of your items so you can’t be asked for more (for free).  If a guy just wants a close up with more detail, that’s fine. I normally let that slide and provide without payment.

If he wants to see me in the panties. Then no. That costs.

If he wants to see a pic of a used gusset. No. That costs.

If the conversation is starting to turn sexual I respond that I don’t offer sexting, but if you do, you can say, “Ah, it looks like you want a sext session. My price is…” and assert your boundary firmly and fairly.

If he asks for a picture of something specific, give him your cost for a pic or two. You can even offer to deduct that price off the future sale. Either way, no pay, no play.

To deter time wasters in general, make sure as many questions as possible are answered on your profile page or wherever you sell your items.

Have clear boundaries and stick to them.

I had a guy ask me this morning to cut him a deal on my google drive. It’s already amazing value at $75 with brand new content added weekly and over 34 videos. I thought about it for about a split-second and then thought, no. Fuck that! I’m not lowering my worth doing deals and lowering prices. And if this guy is a decent guy – because I only want to work with the decent guys – he’ll come back and say “Fair enough.” and either pay or not.

I’m not angry at him trying his luck, I’m angry at me for even considering it for a nanosecond.

No. Fuck no. Just nope. It’s that price. Take it or leave it. If it’s not you, it’s someone else or better.

And that is is so important. THAT  is the message you want to be sending out to potential customers and to the fucking UNIVERSE!

I am worthy.

Pay me full price. I deserve full price.

Fuck, tip me whilst you’re at it! 🙂

If it feels like you should be getting paid for your effort with a guy, then you probably should. Don’t be afraid to assert your boundaries for the sake of ‘losing a sale’. Even in desperation. Because if you give him what he wants for free and you never hear from him again, you’ll feel cheap and used. That is NOT why we went into this work (after the compensation of course).

We went into this work or we stay in this work for the empowerment and self-confidence and fun.

Being taken advantage of – especially as a new and perhaps naive seller (and I WAS THAT WOMAN) – is what guys will try on.

Knowing that upfront, being prepared for it and having the balls to state when you deserve payment no matter how conniving or seemingly innocent the guy is acting, is the key to making it in this online panty selling world.

These guys are sent to test us. GOD BLESS THESE GUYS for coming at us with all their weird and wonderful games to try and get something for nothing.

Because they teach us an important lesson.

They teach us to recognise our own self-worth.

They teach us to value ourselves.

They are our teachers.

And we will learn the lesson. Sometimes the hard way.

Whilst I’m at it, knowing that other women are saying no is also helpful, which is why the KIK groups are so important.

When you are so close to giving something for nothing and ten women turn around and tell you they’d charge for that, then you have the confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

Ultimately, the more you demonstrate your self-worth, the more your buyers and those you interact with will to.

I repeat, if you know you are worthy, you will receive that worth. If you work for nothing, you will get more working for nothing requests! It’s a kind of attracting thang.

So, go forth and assert yourself. Nobody is saying be a jackass (although it’s hard not to sometimes, especially around PMS) but be firm and fair.

You wouldn’t expect Amazon to give you free products, would you?