Panty Sellers! How Important Are Your Photos?

So you’re new to the used panty selling game and you’re keen to get up and running with regards to setting up your shop and making sales…

But here’s the thing.

Yes, you should avoid procrastination and get your products online and YES, avoid any level of perfectionism because in reality, you can improve things as you go along.

BUT YES, you also need to make sure that you take the time to take super fucking amazing pics of you in your products and/or your products.

So do you need photos of you in your underwear? Surely that’s giving out free wank material?

Well, I guess. But also, I’m going to say it’s PIVOTAL to have at least a few pics of you in your attire in order to generate interest and desire.

Just looking at a bunch of pics of panties laid out on a table or bed aren’t that appealing if there’s nothing to relate to i.e. no pics of you and your body to visualise said pieces on to.

So here’s what I do.

I take some super high quality amazing pics of me in my underwear and then I have a separate catalogue of my underwear WHICH I put as much effort into making look stunning and beautiful of the pics of me in the garments.

What are the key features?

Lighting – your photos need to be well lit. I’m no photography expert but I take my photos when the light outside is at it’s best (midday to early evening and yes, I live in Spain so that helps). Do what you can to enhance your lighting. Don’t be scared to fuck around with the filters on your phone to enhance the lighting too.

Background – don’t lay your panties out on a busy tablecloth or bedspread. A white background is best. Think white sheet or table top. Same goes for photos of you. If there is a pile of washing or something in the background of the pic, that’s distracting AF. Take pics of you on a beautiful bedspread or whatever but make sure that YOU are the busiest thing in the shot, not your background.

Angles – bit tricky sometimes to get great angles. Generally, I contort my body in all kinds of angles. My husband takes a lot of my pics and is always telling me to stick my bum out more, straighten my spine, relax my shoulders etc. Play around. A good thing to do is press record and take a film of you in different poses – move slowly or the second part of this won’t work. Play the video back but press pause first and move through the thumbnails until you find one you like and screenshot it. It will be heavy memory so screenshot your screenshot if you’re having trouble uploading. This is a great hack if you’re on your own without a photographer.

But really, stick your bum out more is a good philosophy to live by.

Variety – we are all guilty of taking the same shots but it’s possible to spice things up and have more interesting or curious photos with which to tease. Check out Instagram for ideas but rather than just you wearing with your bum to the camera, try photos of you putting them on or taking them off, around your ankles or on the floor or doorknob. BE CREATIVE, try something different. Stand out!

Equipment – you don’t have to have a high tech camera. Of course, if you do then use that. All my pics have been taken with my iPhone and work well. Sometimes I apply filters, especially if I want to alter the lighting, hide a spot or blur my face from the shot. My husband uses Snapseed filter to create those effects. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

Nudity – personal preference but I avoid nudity now. I may have shown too much in the past and got burned the hard way when someone I knew personally was on the selling platform. From that day forward I stopped using any nudity in my adverts. It’s up to you. Generally if a guy has seen that much of you for free he may be less inclined to pay to see any more. No judgement, do what’s right for you!

Mindset – always a mindset piece. Don’t sweat it. Don’t overthink it. Don’t wait until it’s perfect. Get it out there and improve as you go along. See what other sellers are doing and see how you can incorporate your own style into your work. We all have fucking awful pics that we hate of ourselves, that’s natural. Don’t hate on yourself. Do what works for you. If you’re not comfortable sharing pics of you in your underwear as part of your marketing and advertising then don’t. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.