I’m Getting My Master’s Degree And Needed Extra Income

How long have you been selling used panties for?

Just over seven months, I joined in early January of 2019.

How did you find out about it?

Found out about panty selling by watching Orange Is The New Black. I thought about doing it for almost a year before finally pulling the trigger. I just Googled “panty selling websites” and Panty Deal looked like the best one, so I joined!

Where do you sell?


How many hours per day do you spend selling?

Around 1-2 on most days, normally while I am relaxing at night. Some nights if I’m on a roll I’ll stay up a little later and get in around three hours. Of course some nights I need a break and do not go on at all. I usually take Sunday nights off.

Why did you decide to sell panties online?

I am getting my master’s degree and needed extra income, but it had to be something I could do at home because I have a baby. I liked the idea of being my own boss, setting my own prices, and following my own rules. This seemed like a fun way to make some extra money!

Do you sell additional items or just panties?

Like a lot of the women on the site, I started out figuring I would just sell panties. Then one of my first sellers asked if I would take pics of me wearing the panties for $5. I figured, sure, and then made that the norm. After a while, I had enough pictures that I decided to start selling pictures. Then a guy who saw I was a teacher asked if I would take some “sexy teacher” pics in the panties he bought. It snowballed from there. Now I sell panties, bras and exercise tights, plus pictures, videos, Kik sessions and threesome chats. I recently gathered everything up and organized it so I can sell via Google Drive.

What do you enjoy about panty selling?

The thrill of making a sale is great! I have never really been in a sales position before (though I was a waitress at Hooters in college). Having so many men find me attractive and pay me compliments is a great perk, though some men can really overdo it when they initially contact you (be subtle right away, men). There are a lot of interesting characters on the site, and I have gotten to know a lot of the sellers as well. Most of the sellers are amazing women and a lot of fun to talk to!

What is challenging or difficult about panty selling?

It is not just as simple as placing items in your store and having customers buy them. You have to put some effort into it. Your ads must look inviting, you have to give a good description and price accordingly, but also you need to try to drum up interest in your profile.

If you do not get a hold of potential customers with a good line, you will probably not make much money. So you have to build up relationships with buyers, provide a quality product, then ask for reviews to build your profile.

The biggest challenge is dealing with the bane of all panty sellers: scammers and time-wasters. Unfortunately, they are everywhere. Thankfully, I have become fairly good at sniffing them out and avoiding them.

What’s your advice to someone just starting out?

Avoid the scammers! I actually made a Google Doc with some simple advice for newcomers, because so many new sellers are getting scammed. The biggest advice is NOTHING IS FREE. Get the money before you send the product.

Another piece of advice is to not sell all your “old” panties right away. New sellers need to build clientele and get some reviews, so they will sell their panties fairly cheap right away and will start with selling all the old pairs they don’t wear anymore. The problem then is that once you develop a good reputation and can raise your prices, you have sold all your old, worn panties. Well guess what sellers are most interested in buying? The old, worn panties! So keep plenty of them on hand for when you raise your prices.

What, in your opinion, does it take to be a successful panty seller?

A keen business sense and an ability to avoid the scammers and time-wasters! So many women get discouraged and quit after a few months because they are getting scammed or are wasting their time on too many “buyers” who do not buy anything. So learning to recognise the signs and avoiding those people will really help.

Being attractive helps, but there are women of all shapes selling panties! Know which buyers to cater to and how to make yourself stand out. Remember, a bit part of this business is promotion!

How much (on average) do you/have you made per week/month?

Except for one month where I had to take some time off, I have basically increased how much I make every month. Last month was my best ever; I netted over $2000. I would say my average is around $1300 a month. Some nights I’ll spend a few hours on the site and get no bites, and other nights I will have somebody contact me and end up spending $150. It can be random but that’s part of what makes it exciting!

Do your friends/family know about what you do?

My husband knows, but that’s it. I’m dying to tell somebody, which is probably why I chat to other sellers so much! Sometimes a buyer will say something hilarious or embarrassing, and I am just dying to tell somebody, but it would not make sense without the context. So I will tell one of the other sellers. My husband takes most of my pics and videos, and also stars in a few videos!

How long do you think you will do this for?

The original plan was to make enough to pay for my Master’s Degree; I should reach that goal by the end of the year. But I believe I will keep doing this as long as I enjoy it and am still making decent money. I don’t really see any reason to stop!