How To Get Started On Twitter As A Panty Seller

So if you caught the last episode of the podcast you’ll know I was talking about using Twitter and outlining my Twitter strategy.

What do you do if you’re just getting started on Twitter?

Here are my tips.

First thing’s first, what are you looking to use Twitter for?

Do you want to build a following that you can direct to a paid subscription site like Onlyfans, AVN Stars, Admire Me etc?

Or do you just want followers and prestige in your niche?

Either way, the first thing to be aware of is that it takes time to build your audience. 

When you first join Twitter it hasn’t a clue who to suggest you follow because you haven’t trained it to understand who you really want to follow and have follow you.

So the first step ought to be finding your followers and following them.

Who are you followers?

Well, for panty sellers the answer tends to be buyers. (For me, I’m interested in following and being followed by panty sellers for my podcast, panty buyers as customers and if I’m serious about moving into domme work, then subs.)

There are a couple of options when it comes to finding these people.

First off, you find accounts similar to you – in the first example above for panty sellers, you’re looking for other panty sellers.

So you may know some accounts or you go straight to panty selling platform Twitter accounts (like Pantydeal, Scented Pansy, Sofia Gray etc) or you can search a hashtag like #sellingpanties #buymypanties #usedpanties or # any website that sells panties. 

This will throw up a bunch of sellers for you to start following.

Then, of course, you go and see which accounts are following them and start following some of their followers. That’s your buyers.

I’d probably recommend following 80% buyers and %20 sellers, if you follow too many sellers then Twitter is just going to always suggest you follow sellers and you’ll then have to keep going in and following their followers.

If you get into a steady stream of following the panty buyers, Twitter will start doing the leg work for you and suggesting them straight off the bat.

Now that I’m at 700 people I follow and that follow me, Twitter has a really good handle (pun) on who I’m interested in and I follow 99% of the suggestions it gives me.

This is something you ought to be doing every day. Don’t be scared to follow too many people – especially in the early stages.

Hashtags for finding people interested in your content obviously varies. Here are a few. Keep in mind that a lot of these will be shadowbanned potentially but I’ve never had any problems so far…

#buymypanties, pantysniffer, pantyfetish, fetish, sniffmypanties, usedpanties, wornpanties, wornknickers, (all platform names), #panties #cutepanties

You get the drift.

Experiment with different hashtags and you’ll find that you get followers.

RT accounts are accounts that will retweet your content. I’ve had reasonable success with this but I don’t rely on anyone else to build my audience and I know that I’m in it for the long-haul.

The next thing you have to do is engage with your followers.

You want to retweet things you appreciate and comment on posts. This is a great way to get established in the community, make friends and have people RT your stuff out of being nice.

Make sure you post at all times throughout the day and I’d say that every single post should have a picture attached.

This is a highly visual market and so tweets that are just paragraphs of text are fine when you’re having a conversation but for selling purposes, you want a nice juicy pic in there. Bear in mind that it doesn’t show the whole pic unless you have it the perfect size for Twitter. I personally can’t be arsed re-sizing so I don’t.

I use Hootsuite to schedule texts for when I’m asleep.

Some people think that Twitter doesn’t like these kinds of schedulers and hides the posts or shadowbans them. Again, personal choice, for me it’s worth it having tweets that go out at set times that I can then RT inside Twitter and presumably circumnavigates that problem – if it even exists, which I’m highly dubious about.

So, I think this sums it up: – 

Think long-term

Who is your market?

What do you want them to do? Follow/buy/subscribe

Start to find them using the methods above

Follow and engage

Show up consistently and schedule tweets at least 3 a day