How Do You Sell Your Underwear Online?

I’ve made it part of my day to reach out to new sellers on one of the now FIVE platforms I’m selling on – more on that later. I see hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of new women join sites every day hoping to carve themselves a bit of the panty selling pie and make some money.

And that’s all well and good.

But you know what also happens?

Most of them drop out.

Most of them don’t stick it out and that’s what I want to talk about today.

How long can you stay the course?

How dedicated are you to making this work?

How much effort are you going to put into making sales.

Because putting a profile up and waiting for the dollahs to roll in is unrealistic.

It takes work.

It takes tenacity.

You have to be willing to show up after all the fun stuff.

After taking all the pics and making your graphics and your shop look pretty.

After buying new panties and all that fun stuff.

You have to be willing to show up when you haven’t made a sale yet. Or at all!!

This is the test from the Universe. The Panty Selling Universe – now I wish I’d called my site that!!

Are you serious about making this business work or not?

Imagine you have a shop on the high street – are we tired of this analogy yet?

You set it all up and it looks amazing and you wait for the customers to come in. And maybe they do. And maybe they even buy! Amazing. But then there’s a few days where you can’t be bothered opening up or staying there all day. Or maybe you ask yourself why there aren’t more customers and you think to yourself you’re not cut out to have a shop.

And you look at what the other shop keepers are doing and you think maybe if you sold what they are selling then you’d have more customers.

Or maybe if your shop looked the same.

Or you tell yourself a thousand stories about how you’re just not cut out for this work or that it’s “too hard”. Or that it takes up too much time.

And maybe all of those things are true!

But maybe, just maybe, you could make it work if you demonstrated to yourself and the Panty Selling Universe that you’ve got the tenacity to make it work.

That if other women are selling then you can too!

That it’s not about the shop front or the products but about YOU and your energy and your committment to showing up and gods damn it you’re going to pass this motherfucking test.

Even on the days where you’re ready to call it quits.

Keep coming back.

Keep trying.

Don’t be like the hundreds of other women who give up all too easily.

Push through.

Committment and tenacity are what it takes.

If you show up regularly then you prove you are reliable. You prove you are serious about this. And your customers NOTICE that shit.

She’s there one week, she’s gone the next. What kind of message is that sending out?


Now don’t get me wrong. Life gets in the way. We all have shit going on and lives and holidays and stuff. And I’ve said it before, if you are completely unable to bring your A game then don’t even try because you’ll attract all the bullshit timewasters and freebie hunters or worse.

But decide.

Make a fucking decision that this is your new business and like all new businesses it needs time and energy and committment to get off the ground.

Decide. Then act accordingly…

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