Help! I’m Not Making Panty Sales!

I received this message yesterday and wanted to cover it in a blog post…

I’m struggling to make sales I don’t know if it’s due to holidays or I’m not good enough , some nights I could make 70€ in 2h and now I’ve not had a single message in 2 weeks I’m thinking of quitting…

I asked the seller where she is currently selling and she told me that she is selling on Pantydeal and more recently Sofia Gray (but regretting that decision as there’s no way to contact sellers). 

Ok, so let’s start first off by saying that what is happening is perfectly normal. Panty selling is very up and down. And yes, the holiday season is definitely a part of it.

You can expect things like holidays and tax season to play a role in how much you make. For sure.

That said, of course some sellers are still making sales.

But that could be for a number of different reasons.

If you’ve been in this industry for a while then you likely have some regulars who have bought from you a few times and you can more or less rely on for some repeat sales during the quieter times.

But fear not, if you haven’t built your number of regular clients then the good news is that you will if you continue to show up and be consistent and provide a great service.

Most sellers will have at least one or two repeat buyers if they’ve been doing this for a few months.

And of course, what you sell will also play a part in your income. 

If you are a panty seller who also offers Skype sessions and sexting on KIK, then yes, you’ll be able to cover the quieter times of your income.

The more you sell, the more you make. That’s basic maths.

But of course, don’t feel pressured to sell things you don’t feel comfortable with. But I’ve said it before, if you see others are raking it in when it’s quiet for you then it’s possible they are offering more services than you.

Another thing to do is look at your strategy.

What are you doing exactly to make sales?

Is it possible you need to look at how you’re working? I’m talking about how you’re using your time and the return on investment of what activities you’re engaging in.

Whilst I don’t think you should necessarily jump to another platform, it could be that adding to your options is something to consider. There is such a thing as compounding the problem, spreading yourself too thin and diverting your energy over a number of places. That said, sometimes you might find you have access to fresh buyers on another platform or website.

But as for quitting, don’t get me wrong, I have thought about quitting a billion times (for all different reasons)… I don’t think you should quit.

I mean, of course you should quit if everything inside you is screaming that you should, but with regards to what is a realistic time period with which to make that decision, I’d say at least 4 weeks. At least.

One, to make sure that your hormones aren’t making the decision for you.

Two, because yes, there are quiet periods where you can expect things to go slower.

Three, to give yourself time to try out different options.

Four, because it’s easy for us to quit at the first hurdle. But it’s so valuable to keep going and overcome these challenges and break through to the other side where there ARE more sales to be made. 

If there are ways you can supplement your income then give them consideration. If not, then spend this time on creating new content, revamping your profile or anything else that can distract you from the inner narrative that says “I’m not making sales, I’m not making sales, I’m not making sales”.

I know it’s hard to stay positive when the bank balance is like tumbleweed, but trust me, we have all been there and it’s perfectly normal to have these ups and downs.

If you’re on the fence, stick it out a little longer. You never know where the next sale will come from!