Do I Need to Show My Face to Sell Panties (& Nudes) Online?

Do you need to show your face to sell panties online? More importantly, SHOULD you show your face when you’re selling your used panties or nudes online?

What are the implications of selling nudes with your face on them?

Let’s discuss.

“I really don’t want to show my face in photos and/or videos. For those of you who do and don’t mind – how secure is it? I have a disclaimer on my site that says I own all material and they do not have my permission to share, etc but there’s really nothing stopping them. I definitely won’t be able to reach my earnings potential without showing my face, that’s just a fact. Is it just the risk I take for doing business? I guess I’m looking for some reassurance…”

Here’s my reply:

I think the first question is what is your main concern re showing face?

The reason I ask is that someone could choose not to because of their job, another it might be not wanting friends of family to find them etc. So it’s wise to consider all your reasons.

There are certain jobs where I absolutely would not recommend you show your face for selling fetish items online. The main ones would be teachers (or any childcare jobs), medical profession, military and any public or charitable sector jobs. The risk is just not worth it. It’s more than likely that you’ll lose your job should your selling nudes online come to light. You may not like it but those are the facts. These organisations simply cannot continue to employ you in certain roles with your onlyfans and such in full view of the general public.

That means NOT wearing your uniform in your nudes or videos. No matter how much you’re being offered to be the naughty nurse or whatever. Also, it goes without saying, don’t film yourself or take pics at your place of work.

Pretty obvious stuff so far, right?

What about private employers?

Same applies really. Even if you have a desk job where you never see the general public, you effectively represent your company and HR won’t think twice about hauling your ass in if they catch wind of your online ‘activities’ and feel that it somehow jeopardises your role.

So think VERY carefully about your potential career options should anything come to light. Because it might.

There are also repercussions you may not have considered in terms of a potential career avenue you decide to pursue in five, ten or even fifteen years time. A lot of early 20-something sellers maybe can’t even think that far ahead but what are the implications if it ‘came out’ that you had nudes online? Would that impact a potential career or opportunity for you?

Secondly, everything you post online IS online forever. Your photos could end up ANYWHERE FOREVER. I’m not saying that to freak you out, I’m saying that no matter what you post or any wording, it’s here on the interwebs for eternity. People can take it, copy it or even amend it and there’s nothing you can do.

I want to emphasise that because if you have hesitation about showing your face online then you’re best to avoid it at all.

There was a site posted in the group recently that could face recognise you from any pic and then find images of you online. So even when you think you’re being super careful, there’s always a risk. And anyone can use that. Your future employers, your future anything. Sending a nude to a guy through your drive doesn’t mean you’re protected from it showing up on random sites.

Technology is fucking crazy. Before you know it, a guy will be able to think of you and all your images will show up direct to his brain! LOLZ just kidding but I’m sure someone is out there working on it  

Now, just because you don’t show face doesn’t mean you won’t still get sales. If you check out the podcast I did with Midwest Emma, she doesn’t show face but she does it in a really clever way that it’s still appealing but concealed and she’s doing ridiculously well on Onlyfans.

So it is possible but yes, it is more difficult. You need to be creative in how you can show enough but not enough to be identified. Decapitated shots leave a little to the imagination but they still need to be sexy!

A midway point might be to show more face as your profile picture but keep your nudes face-free. It’s a balance because if your profile picture is a general non-nude shot you can say that picture was stole and used nefariously (if you get caught out by someone that knows you I mean).

It lets the buyer see what you look like without having the nude associated with your actual face.

For some, that’s the line to stick to. For many others, not showing any face is the boundary.

I’m sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for but it pays for everyone to give serious consideration before posting nude images and videos online.

Ultimately, your boundaries are yours to set. They don’t need to be set in stone and they do not have to remain consistent across customers or even panty selling platforms!