Can You Sell Used Panties as a Side Hustle?

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany of late regarding my job as a panty seller.

As you may or may not be aware, I don’t ‘have’ to sell panties to make money as all my financial needs are taken care of.

No, instead I choose to sell panties to make additional money on the side. In fact, I found out about selling my panties from a blog post from Side Hustle Nation.

The clue’s in the name. Side Hustle.

So why am I all of a sudden finding myself in a place of striving to make sales as if I NEED this money?

That doesn’t make sense, right?

I don’t need this money.

I like this money.

Scrap that.

I love this money.

But I’m energetically driving it away by acting as if this is my full-time job and my required income.

The best month I’ve had so far selling panties I made about $2500 in the month.

Since coming off Pantydeal and selling a lot less over Christmas, I might have managed $250!

And of course, I’ve been sad about that. And I’ve told myself stories that I’m not doing good enough, and gone round in circles wondering where the sales are.

And all of that anxiety and bullshit is simply driving it away.

So I know I need to remind myself that this is a side hustle.

A side hustle is EXTRA money. A bit on the side. Not the main financial income. Something that’s also meant to be fun by the way!

So if you feel the same way, ask yourself when did your side hustle become this obsessive NEED for money?

Something that started out as an extra way to make money all of a sudden becomes this addictive desire for more sales and more income.

To top what you’ve made before – because now you’ve set that precedent, right?

You ask yourself whether you can make even more next month?

Or worse still, you start comparing yourself to other sellers’ income!

It’s a negative spiral and so I’m taking a step back from my own bullshit and reminding myself that a side hustle is something I do on the side. It’s not the be all and end all. It’s not defining me or my ‘success’ in this area to be so constantly focused on making the sales.

I always talk about focusing on the right things and I can see clearly now that of late I’ve been focused on some of the wrong shit.

So, I don’t recommend a lot of time off because I do think there’s such a thing as the longer you step back, the harder it is to get back on the horse.

But… I do feel like a mind reset is in order here.

Some time with my journal to evaluate a few things.

Like, what do I love about selling?

Where does my energy feel contracted and negative around my work?

What would it look like if it were easy?

How much joy is this work bringing me compared to six months ago and what’s changed?

If I knew what I had to do next, what would I do?

What income would I be happy with earning from this work?

How many hours do I realistically want to work on this side hustle?

And go from there.

So that’s my next port of call.

And this is your reminder to become CONSCIOUS about your work, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and most importantly, how it’s making you feel.