7 Traits Of A Successful Used Panty Seller

When it comes to what it takes to be a successful online panty seller, it’s clear to see what delineates those who make sales from those who don’t.

Here are the top panty seller traits as I see them…


Confidence is one of those things that doesn’t always come easily to everyone. Sometimes you need to get the feedback in order to feel confident. But in order to get the feedback you kinda gotta put yourself out there. 

It’s tricky.

Often, if it isn’t forthcoming, you’ve got to fake it ’til you make it. If you’re busy comparing yourself to other sellers, you can easily find yourself in the doldrums. 

To help build your self-confidence, remind yourself what it is about you and your offering that any buyer would love to have. What are your best qualities and features? What do you love about you? Those are the exact things that your prospective customer will value too. 


You’ve got to fucking show up. Day after day. And that shit ain’t easy. Particularly when you’re not making sales. Again, as with confidence, motivation can be one of those things that you need to feign until you make the sale. Then, when you make a few, you’re motivated to go out there and make more sales.

Having a group of sellers and community around you can also help to inspire and motivate you. If you’d like to join one, I have the Sellers Before Fellas Discord group. Check out the Resources section on how to join.


You’ve got to be hungry for the sale. Do you want to succeed at this or are you here to piss around? Are you taking this seriously or as a joke? When you have a professional attitude and run your brand like a real business, you’ll start to gain traction and results.


Do you want to get better as a panty seller? Do you want to learn what works? Do you care about your strategy? Do you want to make twice as much next month as you made this month? Where are your weaknesses? How can you improve upon them? Do you need to learn how to close? Do you need to learn how to engage? (My Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Panties online can help!). Work on yourself. Jim Rohn said, learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Well, in this instance YOU ARE YOUR JOB. People are buying YOU. So get to work.

Work ethic

Again, this comes back to tenacity. Are you doing the work and what it takes to make this happen? Do you show up or do you avoid messages because you’d rather watch Netflix? How determined are you? Will  you take care of your customers and their satisfaction, or will you half-arse the whole thing and hope for the best?


You don’t want to have to be the best panty seller that ever lived. But perhaps you want to reach the top 10 sellers on your platform? Maybe even the top 50? Reach for something. Have a goal. What’s your income goal? How far are you prepared to go to gain 50 regular buyers?


You need a thick skin in this industry. You need to be ok with rejection. That goes for all sales roles but this in particular, this is a tough gig. You’re laying yourself bare – figuratively and metaphorically and being told no lots of times. Are you able to face that? To put up with the potential for abuse and shitty behaviour? This isn’t for everyone. You need to find a positive attitude and balance that with the growing cynic inside. You need to face sometimes horrible people and come back with a smile on your face. (Sellers groups are a MUST for support.)

What do you think? Have I covered them all?